Associazione delle imprese del farmaco - aderente a Confindustria
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Founded in May, 1978, Farmindustria – the association of pharmaceutical companies and member of Confindustria – counts today about 200 national and foreign-owned member companies operating in Italy.


With 64,000 highly qualified employees, the pharmaceutical industry in Italy plays a leading role in the international scenario. The overall pharmaceutical turnover amounts to 30 billion euro, with exports accounting for 71% of manufacturing of the over 180 plants located in Italy.


With 6,200 researchers and investments for 2.7 billion euro each year (1.2 in manufacturing and 1.5 in R&D), Italy is buttressing its pharmaceutical research commitment, as demonstrated by 324 Italian biotechnological products under development, also thanks to the cooperation between public and private centres of excellence.


R&D and manufacturing are also vital for the activity of vaccines, which constitutes an excellence of pharmaceutical industry.


In order to guarantee the fairest behaviour Farmindustria member companies have adopted a Code of Professional Conduct - today one of the most rigorous in Europe - that regulates not only the relations between companies but also their relations with the scientific and medical community.


Farmindustria, which is a member of the European (EFPIA) and International (IFPMA) federations, pursues the achievement of a stable legislative framework and the outlining of policies by which the key role of pharmaceutical industry in enhancing the knowledge-based economy can get the right recognition, which may contribute to consolidating industrial presence on the territory and investments in research and manufacturing.


In order to convey the importance of pharmaceutical industry and Research, Farmindustria has started a “roadshow” through the Associated companies’ facilities, with the aim of providing a live demonstration of the production of value. Farmindustria has also presented the Orologio della Vita (Life Clock), which measures the contribution of medicines to the increase in life expectancy, and has created the website



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