SC1-DTH-13-2020: Implementation research for scaling up and transfer of innovative solutions involving digital tools for people-centred care
SC1-DTH-12-2020: Use of Real-World Data to advance research on the management of complex chronic conditions
SC1-BHC-35-2020: Creation of a European wide sustainable network for harmonised large-scale clinical research studies for infectious diseases
SC1-BHC-34-2020: New approaches for clinical management and prevention of resistant bacterial infections in high prevalence settings
SC1-BHC-33-2020: Addressing low vaccine uptake
SC1-BHC-24-2020: Healthcare interventions for the management of the elderly multimorbid patient
SC1-BHC-20B-2020: Public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) for diagnostics for infectious diseases
SC1-BHC-20A-2020: Pre-commercial procurement (PCP) for integrated care solutions
SC1-BHC-17-2020: Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) - Prevention and/or early diagnosis of cancer
SC1-BHC-11-2020: Advancing the safety assessment of chemicals without the use of animal testing
SC1-BHC-08-2020: New interventions for Non-Communicable Diseases
SC1-BHC-06-2020: Digital diagnostics – developing tools for supporting clinical decisions by integrating various diagnostic data
IMI 2 - 18 - 01: Central repository of digital pathology slides to support the development of artificial intelligence tools
IMI2 - 18 - 02: Health Outcomes Observatories – empower patients with tools to measure their outcomes in a standardised manner creating transparency of health outcomes
IMI2 - 18 - 03:Improving patient access, understanding and adherence to healthcare information: an integrated digital health information project
IMI2 - 18 - 04:Establishing international standards in the analysis of patient reported outcomes and health-related quality of life data in cancer clinical trials
IMI2 - 18 - 05: Accelerating research & innovation for advanced therapy medicinal products
IMI2 - 18 - 06: Supporting the development of engineered T cells
SME-2 SME instrument phase 2
Bando Fabbrica Intelligente, Agrifood, Scienze della Vita
Fast Track to Innovation (FTI)
PON Ricerca & Innovazione 2014-2020: Fondo dei Fondi - Miur
Opportunità EUROPA
Opportunità ITALIA